Kanea’a-Ponoholo Biodiversity Preserve

Kaneaʻa-Ponoholo Biodiversity Preserve

Restoration of 500 acres of degraded forest and protection of globally rare species of native snail and flowering plants.
KWP Partners:

Other Partners:

  • The Nature Conservancy


  1. Inspect and repair 4 miles of fencing
  2. Control feral pigs (trapping)
  3. Monitor rare snail and native plant populations
  4. Control invasive plants (strawberry guava, kahili ginger, cestrum)

Total Annual Budget:

  • $20,000


  • State of Hawaiʻi
Kaneaʻa snails

Protection of the rare snail, Partulina physa, was the one of the motivations for creation of this preserve.

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