Pelekane Bay Watershed Restoration Project

Pelekane Bay Watershed Restoration Project

Maintenance and monitoring of a landscape-scale project to reduce the sediment flowing into Pelekane Bay from highly-eroded areas, through fencing, feral goat eradication, sediment mitigation, and revegetation.
KWP Partners:


  1. Maintain and repair 18 miles of goat-proof perimeter fence
  2. Maintain sediment check dams
  3. Smooth and re-vegetate head-cutting gullies
  4. Feral goat control as needed
  5. Monitor sediment dams, vegetation and stream conditions
  6. Maintain and augment riparian outplantings

Click here to read or download the 5/2011 final report for the Pelekane Bay Watershed Restoration project – Phase 1.

Total Annual Budget:

  • $180,000


  • NOAA/Hawaii Community Foundation, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, State of Hawaiʻi, Harbor Gallery
Gullies in Pelekane Bay

Sediment dams are located within head-cutting gullies like this to slow the flow and allow sediments to settle out.

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