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Cody websiteCody Dwight

Originally from California, Cody started work with KWP in 2010 as the Field Technician for the Pelekane Bay Watershed Project. When not at work, Cody is probably riding one of his boards, either the skate kind or the surf kind, depending on the waves!

Haia Auweloa
Field Crew Leader

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAPhilip Keli’iho’omalu Garcia
AKA “Kukui”

Senior Field Crew Member

Kukui grew up in a huge Hawaiian family in Kalapana, and is equally at home hunting pigs in the mountains or fishing on the reef. He joined the KWP field crew in 2009, and has trained dozens of interns and new recruits the old fashioned way: leading by example. Kukui is a man of few words, but his huge aloha fills any room he enters.

Jordan Willis
Field Crew Member



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